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5 Best Beach Tents to Protect from the Sun Reviews

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Do you feel ready for summer? Have you already decided where to spend it? Perhaps the beach, as the seaside, or at lakeside? Maybe by the pool? Touring outdoor concerts? Kicking it back in your backyard? Have you given any thought how to protect yourself from the sun? We did, and we came up the following review. Here, we have reviewed best beach tents or beach umbrellas that will help you to protect from the sun.

Beach tents are great for fair weather and on almost any type of surface. In a beach tent, you will feel well-protected from UV-radiation whether you were lying around on the beach, taking a break from swimming in the lake, kicking it back at the swimming pool. It provides comfort for all types of outdoor events, such as concerts or sporting events, as well as picnics and hikes. Naturally, if you decide to relax in your own or the neighbor’s backyard, you can do so in one of these puppies.

Buying guide : Things to Consider

Size – Beach tents are not designed to protect you from the elements, aside from the heat, so they are usually made to be airy and spacious enough to accommodate beach chairs. Most of them will have more than enough room for a single adult, but for more, you should really pay attention to related reviews.

Durability – Pay special notice to the material (fabric), as it will affect its sturdiness and lifespan.

Set-up – Most tents will be easy to set up, with an increasing number of those that can set up themselves automatically; make your choice depending on how lazy you feel. Be warned, though – the auto-pop-up types are usually not as spacious as the other type, and you will still have to fold it yourself.

5 Best Beach Tents:

1. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

The Pacific Breeze EasyUp is your go-to cover from the sun whether you go to the beach or stay in your backyard. It is made of quality materials, durable offers lots of room, and can be easily packed/unpacked and carried.

Enjoy your day at the beach with instant set-up provided by the EasyUp Hub System. The frame is made of lightweight and durable fiberglass poles. The tent’s sturdy polyester material provides ample protection from sun, rain, and wind. The Polyester floor is fully waterproof. Given it’s a beach tent, the primary purpose is to protect you from the sun and its harmful UV-rays, which it does admirably (SPF 50+). It’s also fairly well-aired thanks to the two mesh windows on the sides. At 87 x 49 x 47(H), the tent is fairly spacious and can fit two adults. There are also internal pockets where you can store your belonging for safe keeping. The item comes with the standard Pacific Breeze consumer-friendly 1-year warranty.

Remark: This  is the best product available in the market, Highly Recommended


  • easy to set up (instructions sewn onto the tent)
  • carrying case big enough to fit the tent after being used
  • carrying case, sand pockets and stakes included


  • could use better ventilation

2. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun ShelterBest Beach Tents

What you get with Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana / Beach Tent / Sun Shelter is exactly what it says on the tin – instant great protection from the sun’s radiation. The tent uses durable polyester coverage to insulate you from heat, provide shade and minimize the reflection of light. It’s anchored using 2 stakes at the front, which you get with your purchase, and relies on three sand pockets for added stability. The frame is incredibly lightweight and allows for an instant set-up and folding thanks to the compression hub system and integrated poles. However, this means it won’t be suitable for carry-on on planes, as it probably won’t fit the overhead compartment. It stands at comfortable 96 x 54.5 x 49.25(H) inches, making enough room for two or three adults, or a family with kids. It’s also very well-aired.

Remark: Best for two or three members family tour




  • easily assembled and taken down in minutes
  • very well-aired
  • Have a good shoulder strap, carrying case, sand pockets, and stakes etc.


  • doesn’t come with instructions
  • floor porch gets very hot under direct sunlight

3. iCorer EasyUp Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana Tent Sun Shelter Sunshade

Best Beach TentsThe iCorer EasyUp is your go-to cover from the sun whether you go to the beach or stay in your backyard. It’s made of quality materials, durable offers lots of room, and can be easily packed/unpacked and carried.

The tent uses silver coating over its polyester coverage to insulate you from heat, provide shade and minimize the reflection of light. It’s anchored using 4 stakes, which you get with your purchase. Made of shock-corded fiberglass poles, the tent’s ring frame depends on a three-pole pin for an easy three-minute set up. It stands at comfortable 94.5 x 47.2 x 55 inches, making enough room for two adults, but not in chairs. There’s also a mesh in the back that rolls up to allow air to pass, as well as an internal pouch to store your belongings, and a carrying bag.

Remark: Best for Rommantic Couple


  • easily assembled and taken down in minutes
  • tall enough to sit comfortably on a beach chair
  • well-made, great protection


  • doesn’t come with instructions
  • you have to set it up yourself

4. Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade

Best Beach TentsWhatever equipment for an outdoor activity you look for, chances are that Coleman has it. The Road Trip Beach Shade lives up to the name. In a nutshell, the tent is lightweight and portable, at the same time being quite sturdy and reliable.

The tent offers excellent UV-Protection (SPF 50+) and is easily portable. It’s not a pop-up, but you’ll have no problems in setting it up yourself in about 10 minutes or less. Apart from a storm, nothing will move it once set-up. It’s about 57 inches center height, so it probably wouldn’t fit two grown-ups on beach chairs (low-riders would be a different matter). Best thing is that it’s zippered for added privacy (2 doors), so you could use both as a cabana and as a changing room, and has 4 hanging pockets to store your things safely.

Remark: Lightweight and portable, Best for road trip


  • carry bag, sandbags, extra-long stakes, dry line and floor mat are included
  • protection from the sun
  • cozy, stable, and offers privacy


  • doesn’t set itself up
  • tends to get hot inside

5. Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent, Blue

Best Beach TentsThis excellent multi-purpose beach tent from Genji’s the perfect thing to shelter you on the beach, in the park, lakeside, swimming pool, an outdoor event, and even your own backyard.

The tent measures 84(L) x 48(W) x 53(H) inches when set up and weighs 4.5 pounds. There’s enough space for two adults. You can set it up in seconds, fold it in moments. The sturdy Nylon canopy and Polyester base offer great UV-protection (UV 50+) and are both fire-retardant (CPAI-84 Standard), making the tent your to-go shelter for the beach, park, lakeside, outdoor concerts and other events, and even your own backyard. For stability, the tent has a frame that is made of

The tent requires no assembly, and will set itself up instantly. Once up, it gets its stability (and durability) of the durable and lightweight fiberglass structure.


  • instant set-up
  • fire-retardant
  • comes with its own carrying bag


  • doesn’t protect against rain
  • could use a bit more vents for air to circulate
  • very lightweight, doesn’t withstand strong winds

Final Verdict

When all is said and done, here is what our recommendation would look like –for an easy set-up, any one of these tents will do, particularly Genji Sports’ pop-up. For space, definitely go for iCorer, Lightspeed or Pacific Breeze. However, if you want both, Pacific Breeze is what you need.

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